Focal giant cell lesion in the wall of a radicular cyst

Focal giant cell lesion in the wall of a radicular cyst

Panagiota Econopoulou, Labros Goutzanis



 A rare case of unilocular radiolucency associated with the apices of the left maxillary incisor and canine in a female aged 32 years, is presented. Histologically, the lesion showed foci of giant cell lesion in the wall of radicular cyst; there was no evidence of hyperparathyroidism. The clinicopathological presentation is likely a histopathological curiosity; and may be an example of “double” pathology / collision of apical inflammatory pathology and central giant cell lesion or reflect florid osteoclastic resorption. Indiscriminate use of the term “periapical central giant cell lesion (granuloma)” in histopathological diagnosis should be avoided.


Head & Neck Pathology

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