Granulomatous Slack Skin with an unusually aggressive course due to the subsequent development of a CD30-positive Large Cell Lymphoma

Granulomatous Slack Skin with an unusually aggressive course due to the subsequent development of a CD30-positive Large Cell Lymphoma

Alexandra Papoudou-Bai, Eleni Kapsali, Ioannis Kostas Agnantis, Anna Goussia, Anna Batistatou, Dimitrios Stefanou, Panagiotis Kanavaros


Objective: To report a case of Granulomatous Slack Skin with an unusually aggressive course.

Clinical Presentation and histopathology: The patient presented with soft tissue masses accompanied by pendulous lax skin in the upper thighs and the left inguinal region. The clinical findings and the dermal infiltration by CD3+/CD4+ small lymphoid cells led to the diagnosis of Granulomatous Slack Skin. Three years later the bone marrow was infiltrated by a CD30+ Large Cell Lymphoma which resulted in patient’s death.

Conclusion: This case of Granulomatous Slack Skin presents a fatal course due to the development of a CD30+ Large Cell Lymphoma. 


Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, Granulomatous Slack Skin, Mycosis Fungoides, CD30-positive Large Cell Lymphoma

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