Amyloidosis of the larynx mimicking a malignant neoplasm: report of a case associated with λ light chain restriction

Amyloidosis of the larynx mimicking a malignant neoplasm: report of a case associated with λ light chain restriction

Vasiliki Tzelepi, Souzana Logotheti, Sofia Spiliopoulou, Dimitra Bantouna, Nikolaos Mastronikolis, Vasiliki Zolota, Stephanos Naxakis, Maria Melachrinou


A 65 year old male presented at the ENT outpatients clinic with a two-month history of hoarseness. Laryngoscopic evaluation and CT imaging revealed submucosal mass involving the false vocal cords. A malignant neoplasm was suspected. Microscopic analysis revealed a hypocellular amorphous eosinophilic material diffusely deposited in the lamina propria. Congo red stain was consistent with amyloid deposition. The plasma cells within the deposition showed λ chain restriction.  A diagnosis of laryngeal amyloidosis with λ light chain restriction was rendered. Follow-up of the patient showed no evidence of systemic involvement of a plasma cell neoplasm. Laryngeal amyloidosis is rare and may present clinically and radiographically as a malignant neoplasm. Light chain restriction of the associated plasma cells is usually seen. Controversy exists regarding the nature and pathogenesis of this disease entity.


Amyloidosis, Larynx, Light chain restriction

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