Histological consideration of diode type laser in resection biopsies of superficial benign lesions of oral mucosa

Histological consideration of diode type laser in resection biopsies of superficial benign lesions of oral mucosa

Venetia Sotiri, Andreas Lazaris, Nicolaos Kavantzas, Emmanuel Agapitos


The aim of this study is to assess whether the thermal damage caused by the diode laser affects histopathological diagnosis and the excision of fibroepithelial lesions. In addition a comparison of the histological appearance of benign fibroepithelial lesions of the oral mucosa after surgery with laser and surgical treatment is attempted.

Thirty cases were treated surgically and 30 with diode laser. All lesions were benign and removed to their healthy limits using both methods (surgical and laser).

The laser offer selectivity and accuracy in their interaction with the diseased tissues. Image analysis method illustrated that the thickness of the thermal necrosis has clear histological limits that guarantee the safe, complete and healthy excision of lesions but they also control the degree of penetration of the laser during the cut of the lesions.

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