Maspin immunoreactivity in salivary pleomorphic adenomas

Maspin immunoreactivity in salivary pleomorphic adenomas

Ioannis Bellos, Pavlos Maragkoudakis, Evangelos Plantzas, Lampros Korogiannis, Dimitrios Kandiloros, Andreas C. Lazaris


Aim Maspin is a serine protease inhibitor with possible suppressive effects over tumor progression. The aim of this study was to describe maspin expression pattern in pleomorphic adenomas of the salivary glands, in order to investigate the potential role of this molecule in the benign nature of this neoplasm.

Materials and Methods Immunohistochemistry staining was applied in a sample of 120 pleomorphic adenomas and also in 10 adenoid cystic carcinomas, which served as a control group of malignant biphasic tumors.

Results All pleomorphic adenomas exhibited a strong selective positivity of their myoepithelial component, while luminal cells were invariably not immunostained. On the contrary, all adenoid cystic carcinomas presented a negative profile for maspin, predominantly in the highly malignant areas with a solid pattern of development.

Conclusion It is suggested that maspin expressed selectively by myoepithelial cells of pleomorphic adenomas, may function as a tumor- suppressor factor in salivary neoplasia.


maspin; tumor-suppressor; pleomorphic adenoma; salivary glands

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